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Nuvo Brand carried by Everlucent Media Solutions Dallas Whole house audio distribution allows many different rooms of the house to access the same centralized audio source. Whether it is an iPod, satellite radio, AM/FM radio or a music server, all of these devices can be accessed from any room that is part of the system.

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Ryan Vick – President

February 25, 2012 Comments Off on Ryan Vick – President

Growing up on the mission field in Guatemala, and Costa Rica where my parents where Christian Evangelical Missionaries I was always into high tech gadgets and gizmos. When I was just a little boy I remember asking my mom if I could take the family car apart and turn it into a flying car to her response was no of course not so instead I went onto playing Mario Brothers on my Nintendo system. I always had high ambitions of being an astronaut and going to the moon someday. With the support of my father he took me on a road trip to Houston to see the NASA headquarters. I went to a few Space camp trips, then eventually went to the University of Texas Arlington where I studied Aerospace engineering. I joined the Texas Army National Guard in the field of telecommunications line of sight radio operator and maintainer. It was in the Military when I realized I had a great calling for audio, video, voice and data services. Out of college I decided to explore the field of low voltage with a few companies and learning the field I found that starting my own company was the way to go. To see the amazement in my eyes where Everlucent has come from me out of College working out of a 1994 beat up Honda Accord with tools in the trunk, wire in the back seat and a six foot ladder straped to the top of my car to where we are today is just mind blowing how in just a few short years I have been able to create new jobs in a down economy in the United States. Everlucent is not just another job for me it is a life style of ever changing new technology that keeps me and my team on our toes. Everyday is a new challenge, we all learn something new every time we set foot in a customers home or office. There is nothing traditional about this career with the new ideas and automation systems that can truly save a customer money. Think about a family of 4, now every time you go out to a movie you end up spending $10 a person and double that in conceccions, of course now that your out of the house you end up going out to eat as well. You can easily spend $150 on a family outing to the movies. With Everlucent our motto is “Bringing the family home”. We are not just selling some high tech gadgets and service we are truly saving you money and keeping your family together in the comfort of your own home. Whether your getting a whole new media room and whole house audio automated system or starting with a new simple flat screen TV Everlucent Media Solutions can help no matter what the budget we can find the right system for you. You get my personal guarantee that team Everlucent will treat your home or office with the upmost respect. Booties on there feet, drop cloths and vacuuming and leaving it cleaner than what it was when we got their. With our 90 day total satisfaction guarantee you get the peace of mind that your project will get done right the first time and full customer service well after the sale. Give us a call today for your free consultation and let us get the system you deserve that will “Bring the family home”.

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