Smart Home Automation

Your home customized at the touch of the button. Smart home automation systems can integrate lighting control, entertainment systems, climate control, window shades and drapery, pool and spa systems, security systems and communications all in one, easy to use wall-mounted or handheld touch panel. Imagine the possibilities. Lighting schemes set to perfection, climate control, your sprinkler system, all automated with the touch of a button… Have you ever gone out of town and had that nagging feeling that perhaps you left the lights on, or forgot to set the alarm, or left the garage door open? Ever been at work and needed to let someone in your home but don’t want to divulge your alarm code? You can even use your iPhone, iPad or Android phone to control these features remotely. If only everything was so easy. Everlucent has the expertise to make such smart home automation a reality for you.

Vantage Controls Demo

Lighting Control
Whether you are building a new home or updating an existing home, we design solutions for single rooms or the whole house. You can control multiple lights in multiple rooms and never worry if you left the lights on again. With the touch of a button you can control the lighting in your home thus conserving energy, providing convenience and creating a beautiful atmosphere.

Climate Control
Most homes are already using digital thermostats but with home automation you can take it to the next level. Controlling your home’s climate provides more comfort as well as more energy conservation.

Surveillance and Security Systems
Many existing home security systems can be added to a home automation system. A home system can be armed, disarmed and monitored all from a touch screen. We offer one of the most advanced security systems in the industry allowing you to control your system with your smart phone and via the Internet. You never have to wonder if you armed your home security system any longer. Want to know who is knocking on your front door? You can see on your touch screen as well. The extra peace of mind and convenience of arming, disarming and monitoring your home is invaluable. Everlucent’s highly experienced professionals can assess your home and discuss your security needs and provide you with that peace of mind you deserve.

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